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One female dog and
one male dog

and their offspring can produce 67,000 puppies
in six years.

That's right...1 + 1 = 67,000

Spay Oklahoma is honored to be recognized as a finalist for
the 2019 Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits annual Excellence ONE Awards!


SpayOK is now fully operational at our North Clinic at 501 East 36th St North.

We are working to fill pending and incoming requests for appointments as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconveniences due to our limited services capacity in recent weeks.

Since 2004, SpayOK has performed more than 142,000 pet surgeries to help prevent unwanted litters. Our clinic in Bixby is permanently closed.

Spay Oklahoma is a non-profit organization founded in Tulsa in 2004 in response to Oklahoma’s serious pet overpopulation problem.  More than 60 percent of pets become unwanted and will be abandoned or end up in pounds, shelters, or research labs.

Affordable low-cost spay and neuter services
Preventing unwanted births & pet suffering
Reducing dog & cat overpopulation
Professional licensed veterinarians

Happier, healthier, longer lives for your pets

What we do

Our mission is to eliminate pet overpopulation by providing low cost spay and neuter services to pet owners who cannot afford this important step in care of their dogs and cats.

We are a nonprofit organization founded in 2004, supported by donations, grants, and fees charged for surgeries. Community donations and fees for surgeries help subsidize and offset our full cost of operation.

Our professional staff includes licensed veterinarians, clinic managers, and in-surgery assistants. Volunteers help staff our clinics, which contributes to limiting manpower expenses.

Adult Cat $35 (includes a rabies shot and a pain injection)
Kitten $25 (5 months old & younger and a pain injection)
Adult Dogs $45 (includes a rabies shot and a pain injection)
Puppy $35 (5 months & younger and a pain injection)

Additional one-time services
at time of surgery

Vaccinations for adult and young dogs and cats
Dogs – Distemper/Parvo (DHPP), $10
Cats – Upper Respiratory (FVRCP), $10
Puppies – Distemper/Parvo (DHPP), $10
Kittens – Upper Respiratory (FVRCP), $10
De-worming – $5
Toe nails trimmed at no charge (Dogs only)
Microchipping – $25 each

We have T-shirts for $20 donations available.
Moms and Litters are special! Here’s a bundled discount deal!

Uh oh, you have a momma dog or cat and her kittens/puppies! What to do? Litter “season” is now year-around, so we’re helping curb the spiraling numbers of unwanted births with our special package discount deal for momma dogs or cats and their babies.

Dogs - Mom dog and her puppies up to 12 weeks in age
$100 total cost for Mom dog her puppies 

Cats - Mom cat and her kittens up to 12 weeks in age
$80 total cost for Mom cat her kittens

You can’t afford to NOT spay and neuter!  It prevents thousands more unwanted litters when the babies leave your care.  Please be responsible.  We’re here to help you!

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